I am angry and depressed
My room is messy and something smells in it
So that translates to me getting drunk tonight.


Just got back from New York
Going to bed because I am tired as hell!
In good news, my ears arent killing me anymore!

Homework woes

I am so bogged down with homework that I am behind sucks!
I know its my own damned fault, but I face another week where I have done nothing to prepare for the huge reading assignments and papers. So tonight I am desperately researching and reading in hopes that I will get some done.
I cannot WAIT for Wednesday night. (done for the week!)


So I think I am going to make my journal friends only. Not that that many people read my journal outside a few friends...but Im getting a tad paranoid.

Its been raining

Its been raining for a long time. A very long time. I am surprised because normally it lets up by now. I cant believe its 7 in the morning.


I am not feeling so well lately. Have you ever just felt like something was wrong? I feel like I cannot adjust to my new schedule and life. Sorry if I have seemed flakey or standoffish. Im trying to figure some stuff out.
I had a friend come who I will rarely be able to see-that was fun except the day went horribly wrong from storming to not being able to work the DVD player to none of our fav restaurants being open. We even tried to get drunk and it didnt work. (Seriously, we were doing various shots and drinks and it didnt make us drunk feeling-just tired)

So I am currently debating whether I should sleep or not

I just...I dont know what happened but its 7 in the morning and I havent went to bed. I could try now and I would probably fall asleep, but I have to meet some people BEFORE 12 (around 11)
So basically I would get, at the most, 3 hours of sleep. And really, I would wake up feeling like SHIT
Not that the situation is great either way, but I would feel better if I didnt sleep and then just bombed out after that.
But then a part of me is like, AMELIA! You need sleep, get your ass in bed!


(no subject)

I am twenty three years old and the most exciting thing that happened to me today was a pack of dogs running towards my car while driving to a friend's. To be fair to myself, it did nearly cause me to crash. My parents always told me never to swerve when an animal runs in front of me, but that's a fight against instinct that many lose. I had a moment of control loss in which the trees on the side of the rode spiralled closer and closer. I didn't have my expected epiphany until later in the day while shopping for a new shower curtain-Firstly, it would have been a godawful cliched way to die. Secondly, I felt a tint of regret that I gained enough control to miss that tree.
What do you mean...different program?
Do not use internet explorer, mom. Instead of the blue E, click the blue ball with fire on it.
I have no idea what you mean.
Ok mom, do you see all the icons on the desktop?
Amanda, no! I have no idea what you are saying. I see NO "icons"
The blue E is an icon, do you see that?
Dont be a smartass. Yes I see the blue E.
Ok, keep looking down. See the blue ball with fire?
Click on it.
Now what do I do? Why isnt hotmail up?
I didnt put hotmail as the homepage yet. Just type in at the top.
I dont see a top Amanda. I see
Delete and type in
Ah yes, seems to be working now. You have completely screwed up this computer you know.
It was Katherine mom.
Whatever. Fix it!
Im trying every day mom.
Ill talk to you later. Love you.
Love you too.
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