Going back to an addiction of any kind is just like revisiting an old friend that knows everything about you.


Im having a miserable day.
Well, it was ok until I got home from class. My mom called crying. I listened to her for awhile and then my brother. Then I figured out I messed up something badly with my schedule. And now I have a raging headache.
I have been sitting quietly in the dark and now I am going to take a dark shower to hopefully make myself feel better.
The best parts of the last few days have been finally catching up at work and C, my roomie, adopting a gorgeous puppy. (Who I only got to see briefly between class, work, and headache crankiness from hell! :( )
That reminds me I have to change my Darwin's water though.

Things to do

By Wednesday!

Fully clean kitchen
Mail friend package
Open counseling letter
Figure out solution to space problems in room

Read plays for Brit lit
Read articles for Brit lit
Response for Brit lit
Watch movie for films
Write response for films
Read articles for response

Im trying

I need a job
I need someone to tell me that I am fine
I need to start working on my seminar papers
I need to lose weight

But despite all of that, I feel great!
Surprisingly good mood lately :)
Hope everyone else is doing well!!!

Good god!

The Killers, Jet, AFI, Ok Go

I REALLY want to go to this-its a music festival and tickets 30 dollars for the cheap ones
Anyone else want to go?
I am trying to get several people (though one will do!)

How to clean your room because someone might see it tomorrow

1. Get home and play on the internet for an hour
2. Go shopping
3. Back on internet
4. Check email
5. Throw clothes that need to be hung on bed
6. Make pizza
7. Watch Simpsons
8. Check email
9. Be jealous of House marathon
10. Swear you will clean the room
11. Look for friends online
12. Put some trash in a bag
13. Go to LJ

I will keep you updated on this exhilarating battle.

Suck suck suck

Ok I had plans set for the entire weekend and they all fell apart today at about 10. So now I have nothing to do this weekend.
Alright, homework and cleaning, but still.
So if anyone is bored, I am free!

Oh my god!

I have a rough draft of my paper finished that is due on WEDNESDAY
That is monumental people!
Now I just have to work on my presentation. This is such a busy week. I had a presentation, a paper, and two novels to read. Next week is a little bit of a breather-I have one smaller novel to read. But I have other stuff to do like starting to work on my final papers and my research job.
But at least those do not affect my grades immediately so I will be a little more relaxed.